Creating my Documentary

17th June 2017

Today I had recorded my evaluation.i had used my iPhone to record it. The evaluation ended up being 13 minutes long. When I was doing my bed each day I had made a few bulletin points on what I could talk about for every question. 

After recording it I had uploaded it onto YouTube and posted it on my blog. 

Overall I think the idea of recording my evaluation was a brilliant idea as it was a quick and simple way of doing it, instead of me sitting on the bed with a laptop for 2-3 hours and annoying my ankle by sitting in one place for too long. 

Creating my Documentary

18th June 

Today I was meant to do my focus group however unfortunately my dad ended up In Hospital. So due to this reason I couldn’t do my focus group. I had called my friends up and told them the situation and they had agreed to do the focus group tomorrow, however there is a slight problem my coursework is due tomorrow at 9 am sharp and they have said they will come at 3:00pm so I have emailed my tutor and told him the situation and he has given me will Tuesday 20th June to submit all my coursework. Hopefully tomorrow will go well.

Creating my Documentary

11-16 June 2017

Today was a very bad day for me as I had ended up putting a lot of weight on my broken ankle and ended up in hospital again I had been advised not to get off my bed for the next 5 days. I was absolutely gutted as I still have my evaluation to do and focas group to do as well. So I have decided that I will do my evaluation by recording it as I  can not use the laptop cause I will be doing bed rest. 

Creating my Documentary

9th June 2017

Today i had decided to plan out my focus group. I had contacted a few friends of mine who I could ask to get involved in the focus group. 4 of my friends said that can do the focas group however one of the them said she couldn’t come to my house and do it but she said she can make a video and send it to me, so I had agreed with her idea and told her the date i needed it for. The rest of the 3 people I had told them to come to my house on the 17th to video them reviewing my documentary. 

Creating my Documentary

7th June 2017

Today was a very long and consuming day.  I went through all my blog work that I have one and checked for grammar mistakes- then I had edited any grammar mistakes that I have seen. There were quite a few grammar mistakes and some links weren’t working also, i.e prezi so I had to go to their website and play with the setting to get it working. Overall today was a productive day. 

Creating my Documentary

3rd June 2017 

Today I had gone through the feedback that had been given to me from my teacher before I had  my accident. I realised that that I didn’t completely finished the checklist there were a few  things left out for example i needed to re do my evaluation for my proposal as it wasn’t meeting the criteria that it was meant to. So I had re done my evaluation. Another thing I had to edit was my audience survey that I did, I had to write abit more about who I interviewed and why I chose to interview them. So I had edited that document iswell.