Camera and Audio Experimentation, Camerawork

Camera Experimentation

This is my camera experimentation that I did last week. After undertaking this task of filming different scenes using different shots I feel like it has helped me a lot as It has given me a narrower insight of what my documentary will look like, and what shots I will consume to make my documentary  look like a more professional one as well as get the emptions cross of the victims. In this lesson I had used the software premier pro and put all the shot angles together and made a short series of different scenes that I will be consuming. I had used different framings as well as different composition shots.

Here are some of the shots that I will be using:

  • Over the shoulder
  • Tracking shots left or right, up or down
  •  Panning
  •  Lens movement in or out
  • Extreme long shot
  • Long shot
  •  Medium shot
  •  Close-up
  • Extreme close-up
  • Symbolic placement of objects within the frame
  • When characters are placed on the center vs. edges or top vs. bottom of the frame, different interpretations are possible