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After showing my teacher my work (via email) this is the response I got back!

From: Rob Dennis
Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2017 6:50:21 AM
To: Harmeet Kaur; Richard Hodgkiss; Scott Goldsmith
Subject: RE: 2nd Draft of my documentary

Is the footage you shot in focus? If so, you need to blur out the area around their faces. If not, the vast majority of your film is just out of focus.

It’s also far too long – should be 5-7 minutes max. Introduce the issue in a voiceover (giving background and key info) and cut down the interviews dramatically (focus on emotion not fact – facts can be given simply in a voiceover) Conclude with a voiceover summing up your findings.


So I had to scrap most of my documentary as I was told I needed it to be 7-8 mins long. So I decided to take out the part of Deepa talking from the sequence like my teacher Rob has said to so and put myself in it with the camera focused, he had told me specifically to put me in focus cause most of my documentary was not focused for safety reasons. So I made a video of myself explaining Deepa’s past and replaced it with Deepa’s talking version. This reduce like 4 mins then I took some scenes out of the beginning and I also cut some scenes too.

Overall editing has bee a very long producer for myself, it took me a total of 20 hours to edit this documntry, which is a very long time but like its said ‘ success doesn’t come with out the swet and tears.

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2nd draft of Documentary

This video is the second draft that I have made.To make this draft it took me 7 hours, like I said in the post before that cause of my ankle injury I need rest in between. Today was VERY hectic, I had come across so many technical issues today that I nearly gave up.The first issue I had was that my MAC kept on stopping half way and freezing. I waited for half an hour then I had to re start the whole computer and my work had whipped the amount I had done.

So I re started all over again.After that issue had just about finished there was another one just around the corner,the title that I had made for the documentary would not appear on the sequence and as I wasn’t in college I had not teacher to help me so therefore I decided to watch a you tube tutorial on how to fix the problem and finally I have found it! It was the ‘ control’ settings that were already done automatically however I needed to change it from the top left hand side corner.

After 3 hours of editing everything starting to run smoothly, however I started to have difficulties with the transition from one scene to the other and cutting scenes so there for I had watched another YouTube tutorial on how to find the different types of transitions within this software apart from cross dissolve.

After editing and putting all the scenes together there was a massive problem! and that was that my documentary was much longer than I said It would be, I had said that It would be 7-8 mins long however it was 18 mins long. At first I did panic but then I thought to myself there’s no harm in it being that long because I had put lot of effort into the filing even though I did it all on crutches and a wheel chair.

Another problem that had occurred when I was editing was that the music would not fade in and fade out at the right time- I thought I would go on YouTube however there was nothing on that on there then I started to panic.Then I thought to myself there’s no point in sitting there doing nothing so I decided to figure it out myself and surprising I did find out how to do it after fiddling with the computer for 15-20 mins.

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1st Draft of the documentary

This was the first edit that I had come up for the beginning. However it was hard editing it as my foot couldn’t stay in one place for too long so I would get up every mins and try walk about. However this being my first days edit I am quite proud. Now I just need to start putting all the other scenes in to place. Today I did have some technical problems, for example I would export the files from the memory card to the mac but it wouldn’t save all of them. So therefore I had to make 2 different files so I could split up the files in two different files.To do this 1st draft it had taken be 2 hours.