Interview Audio Overview

How the Interview narrowed my documentary

I had decided to do this audience survey because it would give me a narrow view of what people are looking for in my documentary. The people that I have interview were peers from my class. The reason why I had decided to interview them was because they are part of my target audience- they have a overall understanding of how documentary look as most peers in my class enjoy watching them and also their views will be quite varied. Overall deciding to do interviews was a great idea. I say this because after questioning my peers and my target audience I had got a narrower view of what my documentary would look like. When  interviewing Leona she gave me the idea of making my documentary as journey to solve a problem well trying to solve a problem, as her and my other peers and audience think that it would make he documentary more interesting and empathetic.

I also found out that my documentary should include the following:

  • Interesting  shot angles
  • Interviews
  • Visual stimulus- Shane thinks that if I show parts of things that happened to the     victim it would make the documentary more interesting as you are actually documenting the true story which goes with theme
  • Background on the topic
  • Explain the topic
  • See people who have been through the problem
  • Have a problem in the beginning and solve it at the end
  • Factual
  • Telling us things that people don’t know
  • Information about migration in the UK

Overall consuming this interview was good primary research source as it has helped me picture how my documentary will look like.

Interview Audio Overview

Interview with Andrada

To Andrada immigration means when somebody moves from their own country to another seeking work or a better future. If Andrada had to choice to vote in brixt she would have voted in, as she herself is not British citizen she came to the UK in 2010.

The reason behind her migrating was her father’s job, her father’s company had moved to England so her and her mother had to move as well however they decided to stay forever as they found the UK a ‘more better economical place’. Andrada says the human rights should apply to everyone.

Andrada strongly agrees that Non EU people are a help to the UK, she believes that specifically eastern Europeans are taking the lower classed jobs so she believes if there weren’t here then ‘it would’ve been a bit of an issue’.

After telling Andrada the scenario she describes it as being ‘totally against human rights’ and she thinks that the girl’s protection should come first as the government is aware of what situation she is in. She would have the same view no matter what nationally the girls is, and if she is in such danger and she has lived in this country for such a long time then the government should be taking the right precautions. Andrada agrees that I should have one story which I should make my journey throughout the documentary to solve it or at least try to.

What does Andarda expect to be in a documentary?

  • It should be informative
  • Making it more like a story

Andrada says that interviewing lawyers and victim s a good way to put it through, and she also thinks that they are two very opposite people. Overall she thinks this topic will be a interesting topic to documentary as she believes there are many cases where things like this happen however they don’t get the much of the media’s attention as they should do cause if it did then there would of been more awareness about it.

Interview Audio Overview

Interview with Shane


Shane says that immigration to him means when there is a ‘moving of several people from one place to another’. If shane could vote for brixit he would vote in, because he think ‘we have a more sustainable economy within the EU, which creates a relationship with several EU countries which allows us to develop our own economy as well as trading and working with other countries’.

Shane himself has a background on English however does have some Irish within him if he looks back about 100 years. However that doesn’t put him away from migrated people as he claims from a young age he has been around migrants, as the town he lives in is mostly full of migrated people. So on day to day bases he sees migrated people.

When I asked Shane should human rights only apply to EU members, he says ‘that the answer is in the question’ He thinks everybody that you speak to is a human so it should apply to anyone and everyone.Shane also says that non EU residents in the UK  provide a new culture and a new look into society as well as taking jobs that EU residents wouldn’t do.Shane thinks that civil relationships are ‘ very important to a sustainable country’ because without them we wouldn’t have a modern society.

After telling the scenario, Shane describes it as a ‘awful situation’ and he think that the government should take more of a far vie on people rights and what could happen to the person if they send them back. Also he thinks that the government should look for a alternative to help them out as its not  the victim fault that they are in that situation.

What Shane expects to see in a documentary:

  • Interesting  shot   angles
  • Interviews
  • Visual stimulus- Shane thinks that if I show parts of things that happened to the     victim it would make the documentary more interesting as you are actually documenting the true story which goes with theme

Shane also believes that getting both stand points is very important as you cant be biased, as he thinks with a documentary you need to have facts less opinion from my side. However getting opinions from both sides is important, the law and your side.

Overall shane thinks that this topic is something that is not talked about as much as it should be, so creating a documentary on this topic would be interesting for Shane as well.



Interview Audio Overview

Interview with Leona



To Leona immigration means migrating from a different country. If Leona could vote for brixit she would of voted I as she believes we need some type of security- we don’t have any allies if something bad happens we don’t have any help.

Leona has migrated parents the reason behind this was because they needed to make money for themselves and for their family back home also to have a better life then living in Ghana. For Leona’s parents to get residency wasn’t that hard as her mother had Leona’s oldest sister a year later after she came to the UK. Which means they legally become British after their first child turning five years old as their child is a British born.

She also thinks that human rights should apply to everyone in ad out of the EU as ‘everyone around the world is human’ and she also claims that ‘you shouldn’t deny someone from their human rights’. Leona also agrees that non EU works are a help to the UK as they bring different cultures tot he country, when she was ins schools she wasn’t taught about different cultures and religions however her friends were from different backgrounds and they taught. her a lot about different cultures and festivals.

Leona’s view on civil relationships is that she ‘doesn’t mind it’ however in a religious view as she is Christian she believes that a women should get married to a male. But if they are then they just are.

After listening to the scenario, Leona’s view to this is that its ‘ unfair’ because their not allowed to express themselves in their own country so they’ve migrated to the UK to liver her legally and the government should understand that.

What does Leona expect to see in a documentary:

  • Background on the topic
  • Explain the topic
  • See people who have been through the problem
  • Have a problem in the beginning and solve it at the end
  • Make it a journey

Overall Leona is interested in this topic for my documentary. As she watch’s similar topic programmes like ‘ boarder force’. One of things she would want to see in the documentary is a story being told by the victim themselves as she believes it shows a lot more then somebody else talking for them.

Interview Audio Overview

Interview with Fiasa

Fiasa says immigration to her means that ‘ other citizens coming to a country for a better life’. If she had the chance to vote for brexit she would vote in, reason being is because it would effect her as she is not a British citizen herself.

Fiasa and he whole family are migrants, the reason why they had moved to the UK is because her grandmother was here as well as educational reasons and family issues. According to fiasa human rights should apply to everyone as ‘ everyone’s human so everyone deserves human rights even if they are not the countries citizens’.

Fiasa thinks that non EU residents are a help to the UK, as they are the people that take on the low class jobs like ‘cleaners and cockers’ as the British citizens don’t want to. She also says that civil relationships are ‘acceptable’ she says this because she thinks that everyone should be happy.

After telling her the scenario she says that she thinks its is ‘ unfair’ as she thinks economy and rights should change in the UK to help people who are not accepted for their relationship. She also think why marriage should waste so many lawyers and judges  time and so much money when the government can clearly keep them safe here in the UK.

What does Faisa expect to see in a documentary:

  • interesting
  • factual

She also thinks we taking interviews it is more factual and telling the story is a good idea, so you get to see how the victim themselves is feeling.

Overall Faisa says that she would be very much interested in this immigration topic to be the main topic of this documentary.



Interview Audio Overview

Interview with Sarah


To sarah Immigration means ‘when someone leaves their own country for another country cause of  various reasons they cant stay I their county’ . If sarah was allowed to vote she would vote for bexit she would vote in, because it has many benefits it the uk if were out then were just one country, cause we have left ‘ bad things’ have happened according to sarah.

Sarah has got migrated family, her dads from  Nigeria, she thinks it was cause of better education here in the UK. Her father has got residency as he had applied when he came which was 12 years back so law wasn’t that rough back then. For sarah human rights should apply to everyone because ‘ every one is human’. Sarah says that non EU residents are a help to the UK, if they are applying jobs and getting jobs they are helping our economy. She has no problem with civil relationships.

After telling her the scenario sarah she said ‘ this is discussing’ she says there’s nothing wrong with them staying here after explaining that they have a threat if they go back to their own country. If the UK government is going to send them back knowing that they will get killed, then their not standing up for human rights themselves.

What does sarah expect to see in a documentary:

-Information about migration in the UK

-Telling us things that people don’t know

Sarah agrees that interviewing the victims and lawyers is a interesting idea, however she has advised me to be careful  in the words I use as it ‘could trigger the victim emotionally and spark up emotions’.

Overall sarah thinks that the immigration topic would be a interesting topic, she also feels that I would have a board audience that would also be interested in how the system of law works of the UK.

According to Sarah the story telling part is better then only the lawyers being interviewed as it shows how they contacted the lawyers as well as their emotions. Also it will actually be sparking up emotions in the audience aswell.