Mood board

Mood Board- Who I am

mood Board 2


To help me start the my final project off I stated by researching my won self. So I designed a mood board which had different images of what best describes me; as well as what I have learned so briefly going through that, here the key points from my mood board:

  • I am girl who is Indian to be precise Sikh
  • My motto is family first
  • I have long brown hair
  • I love dancing- I am a professional Bollywood and Bhangra dancer
  • I’m a daddys girl
  • I have learned how to use the software Photoshop
  • I enjoy photography
  • I would like to do something in the photography sector sometime when im older
  • I enjoy using primer pro editing the short videos I make as well as my coursework
  • When I grow up I would like to study a law degree