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What makes my documentary different from others:

The things that make my documentary different from others is that it is on a specific topic that does not get spoken about that often. I am showing my target audience what happens in reality behind the scenes of just the immigration. I am showing this message through interviewing the victims and showing their side of the situation and finding out their emotions. I am taking a in-formal documentary approach to the film as I want to show the real and natural side of the victims.


Age- 16+
Ethnicities- All ethnicities
Social grade class –All
Gender- No specific

The reason behind me having the age range of sixteen and above is because I believe that they will get the message of my documentary better than other people that are of younger age. However I am also not saying that younger people wont understand this topic, may also may be interested. I am targeting a specific ethnicity as well as gender as my documentary does not appeal to a certain gender or ethnicity. Lastly my documentary does not have a social grade either, the reason being is because I think lower unemployed people will watch it as well as skilled working people- both for different a perceptive and reason. Another reason why I no social grade is because I have access to these kinds of people because I am at college and also I work in a immigration firm part time.


DSLR Camera
Camera bag
Tripod bag

Production team required:

As this whole documentary is being produced by me this means that I am the only person in the crew and production team, not only that but I am also the cinematographer, editor and director.

Ethical issues:

For the beginning of my documentary I will filming scenes in central London which is a public place, which also means without the public knowing that they are being filmed as well. People may say that they don’t want to be filmed or its not fair that I am filming them without them knowing.

Duration/ Narrative

In the beginning of the documentary I will have scenes of London’s most well know icon, e.g tower bridge London eye. I will also have scenes of the British passport. Then I will introduce the topic that I am focusing on and also introduce the two victims.

Deepa(one of the victims) will tell her story about her past. Deepa and Priya would explain what the home office has said about their case. They will expose their emotions and how the feel about everything .

The lawyer will give her explanations about the result’s that the home office as given them, as well as the legal view’s she has on the case and will also suggest what Deep and Priya should do. Then I would end it off with my views and thoughts overall about Deepa and Priyas case.

Central London